Why Rolex Is the Best Known Luxury Watch Brand

To this day, Rolex is still owned by a private trust and is not publicly traded. Because of this, Rolex can focus on creating exceptional watches and making a difference, rather than acting at the mercy of their stockholders to earn them as much money as possible. When someone buys a Rolex, they know that they are choosing quality and innovation.

Last time, when I wrote about some unknown facts about Rolex, my email and twitter started pouring with comments and questions, why Rolex is so appreciated? Well, there isn’t any obvious answer. Over a period of century Rolex has been serving people with the most stylish, precious and stunning timepieces. This guide thus will look for the reasons that have made Rolex the best-known luxury watch brand in the universe.

Consistency and Trustworthy:
How many companies do you remember, serving people with such consistency and trust over a century? There aren’t many of them and Rolex stands out among them with its finest of watches.

Rolex aspires on being the most modern luxury watch found around. It never fears to embrace new technology and keep updating their design to fit the need of the ever-changing world. Their elegant, stylish yet gorgeous watches are people’s ultimate choice for luxury watches.

Rolex takes pride in their incremental innovations. Rolex does not only look for innovations in their watch but also are routed with re-engineering their products until they reach perfection. Rolex’s continuous search for perfection has earned him the name in the luxury watch market.

Rolex is an instant symbol of wealth and status-quo. You just get out wearing a Rolex and everyone will be staring at your wrist. Moreover, Rolex itself is a currency. If you want to exchange your Rolex for money, you can go to any Rolex dealers. Be confident that the value of the watch doesn’t change due to your location and all dealers will speak the same language; easy to flip.

Iconic and heritage: 
Over the last hundred years with continuous effort and reliability, Rolex has become a heritage. It makes fewer models and thus every model gets surplus opportunity to become an “Icon” of its own in their respective areas. Thus, Rolex watch becomes known to everyone due to their long stay in the market.

Lifetime Durability:
You might die, but your Rolex watch won’t. You might think it as a joke. Believe me, it isn’t such; rather there are proves that Rolex watches have survived more than the lifetime of their owner. This is a unique feature Rolex is best known for.

Why diamonds are so highly valued? The obvious answer is due to their rarity. So is the Rolex. Rolex aspires on making least watches with exclusive premium quality. Thus, their limited production of watches, increase their brand value. Due to their limited editions, people hanker after them.

Own Supply Line:
Rolex makes almost everything they need for their watch. They even produce their own white gold, yellow gold, and Eve rose gold to use in their watches. Moreover, they go further producing their own steels and platinum, earning customers trust. This uniqueness has helped Rolex to earn the title for best-known luxury watch brand around the world.

Celebrities choice:
Did you watch James Bond? If yes, then you also should watch Bond wearing a Rolex Sub. Indeed, celebrities starting from Presidents to Nobel winner’s over the years have worn Rolex and making it the best-known brand.

Rolex has become the best-known luxury watch due to its exquisiteness and uniqueness. Stay tuned to know more surprising facts!