Are You Engaging Your Customers Effectively?

In this era of digital transformation, there are organisations that have not just overcome the disruptions; they have excelled. Agility has defined these enterprise companies in many aspects of their operations and strategies.

They have taken advantage of all digital channels to engage with their customers. Moreover, they have been more proactive about extending their technologies to overcome competition against their peers. Still, there is always room for improvement.

Zendesk, a global leader in a customer service software, developed a new guide with best practices on how these enterprises can further improve how they engage with customers.

If you value your customer’s experiences, this guide is designed for you. Some of the insights you will discover include:

  • How to tame your ticket volume with automation and AI;
  • How to improve collecting and organising information by using every customer touchpoint;
  • How to extend your support software by leaning on APIs; and
  • How to improve customer experience by adding new channel integrations.